August 19, 2010

Your House Speaks for You

I have many things that I would like to post about this morning, but limited time, as workers will be here shortly to continue fixing our gas pipe leak. I was thinking last night, after workers had left, of how they walk through the house, and get a picture of who we are, without us even saying a word.  One thing I always wonder, is what people think when they see we don't have a television! Other ways your house can be an extension of your example, is in materialism or lack thereof; keeping up with trends of the world; love and respect for your husband shown in care for the household; training of the children shown in their responsible treatment of their belongings.  Just a little something to think about!


Noellen said...

Our actions speak louder than words, that's for sure! Your house looks very lovely. :)

Emily of A Beautiful Life said...

What a wonderful thought! At the moment, we are not living in a place where we can make the house our home and so when people come over they see my in-laws home instead of mine and what I would wish to convey. But, as we have been searching for land and place - I have pondered what the home will look like within and how it reflects on who we are. Your home is lovely! We, too, don't watch Television or cable - but do own a TV for movies. Thank you for sharing!!

calvintage said...

Emily, we watch movies on our computer. We rent our house, as prices are high where we live. If we bought, it would be very difficult to be a stay at home mother. Thankfully, our landlord lets us freely plant flowers, and vegetable gardens, and even own chickens! We have two. :-) My husband and I lived with our in-laws the first year of marriage, and it is a kind thing for in-laws to do. I hope you are able to have a house of dreams soon!

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