August 14, 2010

Recommended Reading

I have recently been reading Bible Characters from the Old and New Testament, by Alexander Whyte. It is an old book that I was able to check out through my library's extended network of out-of-the-area universities and libraries. Some sections I have particularly appreciated were about Ruth's devotion and love for her mother-in-law, Naomi: “ just that relationship that should be entered on by all men and women with much watchfulness, solicitousness, prayer, tenderness, sympathy, and loyalty; in short, with the mind and heart of Ruth...and Naomi”.

Other sections that have been enlightening are about Esther and her opportunities, and the reminder of the opportunities we have in our circle that we sometime overlook: “Only open your eyes, and you will see all around you your circle set of God, and all dazzling you with its endless and splendid opportunities. Your most commonplace, and most monotonous, most uninteresting, and most every-day circle so shines, if you only saw it aright.”

Other applications we can take into our modern lives from Bible characters, from Alexander Whyte's book include Daniel, his humility and devoted prayer life; and weighing our days on the balances, as Belshazzar was weighed on the balances by God. I am grateful for such helpful reading material!


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