August 23, 2010

Monday Homemaking Inspiration- A Little Bit of Laura

Tomato Preserves, just like Laura Ingalls and her Ma used to make!
One of my favorite famous homemakers is Laura Ingalls Wilder. How well she used her time, and what a legacy she left us!  Generation after generation learn to appreciate the simple things and spend cozy times reading together.  Her memories become our memories, her family becomes our long ago ancestors. I'd like to share some inspiring quotes from newspaper articles she wrote, as compiled in Little House in the Ozarks, edited by Stephen W. Hines.

"Because of their importance, we must not neglect our homes in the rapid changes of the present day.  For when tests of character come in later years, strength to the good will not come from modern improvements or amusements...but from the quiet moments and the "still small voices" of the old home. Nothing can ever take the place of this early home influence..."

"Cooperation, helpfulness, and fair dealing are so badly needed in the world, and if they are not learned as children at home, it is difficult for grownups to have a working knowledge of them. So much depends on starting the children right!"

"To me, it is a joy that 'no man knoweth what a day may bring forth', and that life is a journey from one discovery to another.  It makes every day a real adventure..."

"Let's not make such a habit of hurry and work that when we leave this world, we will feel impelled to hurry through the spaces of the universe using our wings as feather dusters to clean away the star dust.  The true way to live is to enjoy every moment as it passes, and surely it is in the everyday things around us that the beauty of life lies."

Times have changed since Laura lived...but the essentials haven't!


Noellen said...

What a wonderful post! Thanks for the inspiring message. How do the tomato preserves taste?

Emily of A Beautiful Life said...

I am also a big fan of Laura Ingalls Wilder! She is truly a wonderful inspiration! My little family and I went to South Dakota to visit her home there and it was just neat to learn more about her and her life! A beautiful post! :)

calvintage said...

Noellen, Remember my yellow tomato jam? They taste similar, but perhaps a little bit more of a tomato paste taste? Just made it last night, haven't tried it on my bread yet. It might be an acquired taste, but if that's what you had in the winter to flavor your toast, I think you would enjoy it. :-)

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