August 31, 2010

This and That

Lately, I have been preparing for an upcoming visit with my sister.  I have three sisters, so they probably get frequent mention on my posts.  I also have a brother who recently visited.  Only one of my sisters lives close to me, but we are all close in heart.  Sisters are such a blessing! 
Also recently we made some homemade playdough, so easy to make, and were soon serving up tasty playdough cakes.  Later, the children had a tent made with the dining room chairs, and I saw strips of playdough hanging over the rungs of the chairs.  The children explained that a blizzard was coming, and they had hung smoked meat up in the attic, like Pa and Ma of Laura Ingall's Little House in the Big Woods. I love the creativity of little ones!

On our read-aloud list for homeschool was Dr. Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham. We have read that, of course, many times before, so to add an element of fun, I made green scrambled eggs. We don't eat ham, so I served it with smoked turkey lunchmeat. It was well received, especially by my little one, who loves eggs made every way!  My older daughter is in her first year of homeschool, and we are using Memoria Press Curriculum, which you can view here: Memoria Press. We are 11 weeks into the lesson plans, and I am so pleased with it!  This is my first year to homeschool, and I wanted an easy to follow, challenging, and yet not boring, curriculum.  I am so glad I found their package!  My daughter is now reading many CVC words, counting to 100, learning her addition facts, memorizing scriptures, hearing lovely music, and seeing beautiful artwork. 
If you homeschool, what do you use for homeschool curriculum?

August 26, 2010

12 New Things- Doll Quilt

Like a Warm Cup of Coffee

A few posts back I linked up with Sarah Mae's Like a Warm Cup of Coffee, 12 New Things Challenge.  My challenge of choice for August was to sew a proper quilt...beginning small with a doll quilt. I am not yet finished, as all last week I had workers at my house, and after that my sister abducted my sewing machine! (And she still has it, ahem, ahem, sister!)  Not to mention, one of the quilts is a teaching effort with my older daughter.  Nonetheless, progress has been made, and they look like this....
This one just needs the actual quilting sewing. I made the whole back portion come around and be the binding...I won't be doing that with the other, it isn't quite the right thing to do.
The other my daughter and I are working on together, some blocks she is hand sewing together, and some machine. This one still needs lots of work...
I am enjoying this project and will post my updates along with my September 12 Things!
Click here for my list of 12 New Things.

August 24, 2010

Children's Book Favorites

Today I would like to share a few of my favorite children's books. It's so nice to find interesting, educational, character building stories that your kids appreciate! Children in the age range of 3-8 years old would enjoy these.

The Best Loved Doll, by Rebecca Caudill: When a little girl is invited to a doll party, she has to choose which of her four dolls to take along to win a prize.  But she and her kindhearted worn old doll know what is more important than! Darling illustrations in this book.

Ox-Cart Man, by Donald Hall:  A journey through a year of a colonial family's life, and the contributions they all made for the good of the family.

The Creation Story for Children, by Helen and David Haidle:  Beautiful Illustrations, creation scripture and conversation starting questions, as well as facts about interesting and amazing animals. It also includes personal reassurances of God's love for each of us.

Miss Rumphius, by Barbara Cooney:  A girl is inspired by her grandfather to travel the world, live by the sea...and make the world more beautiful.  The author/illustrator of this story also illustrated Ox Cart Man.

Happy reading!

August 23, 2010

Monday Homemaking Inspiration- A Little Bit of Laura

Tomato Preserves, just like Laura Ingalls and her Ma used to make!
One of my favorite famous homemakers is Laura Ingalls Wilder. How well she used her time, and what a legacy she left us!  Generation after generation learn to appreciate the simple things and spend cozy times reading together.  Her memories become our memories, her family becomes our long ago ancestors. I'd like to share some inspiring quotes from newspaper articles she wrote, as compiled in Little House in the Ozarks, edited by Stephen W. Hines.

August 20, 2010

Frugal Friday - Wall Art

Here is something I made today for my children's room. It is simply scrapbook papers glued onto canvas, and punched flowers from scrapbook papers with jewels on them. Hang it up in a room with a ribbon.  Fun, easy, and pretty!

I'm linking this up to The Shabby Nest - Frugal Friday
Also linking up to 733 - A Creative Blog, for their Sugar and Spice Weekly Link Party 

August 19, 2010

Your House Speaks for You

I have many things that I would like to post about this morning, but limited time, as workers will be here shortly to continue fixing our gas pipe leak. I was thinking last night, after workers had left, of how they walk through the house, and get a picture of who we are, without us even saying a word.  One thing I always wonder, is what people think when they see we don't have a television! Other ways your house can be an extension of your example, is in materialism or lack thereof; keeping up with trends of the world; love and respect for your husband shown in care for the household; training of the children shown in their responsible treatment of their belongings.  Just a little something to think about!

August 17, 2010

Delicious Fresh Pumpkin Pie

Well, even though I had wanted to make tomato preserves, and pumpkin whoopie pies yesterday, I was unable to! We have a gas leak, so the utility company shut off our gas, and of course we have a gas won't be repaired until Wednesday night! No hot showers or doing a hot sinkful of dishes either! Good thing is, the weather is hot enough anyways. Also, I had already done my bread baking and pie making on Sunday. If you want a great homemade pumpkin pie recipe from a real pumpkin, here it is: Mrs. Siggs Fresh Pumpkin Pie.  This recipe made a moist and flavorful pie...I prebaked my crust a little bit, to keep it from getting soggy, and I added a pinch more spice than called for. My pumpkin was stewed, and once I pureed the pumpkin and once I didn't.  It was a bit better when pureed.  Everybody requested seconds! :-)

August 16, 2010

12 New Things

Like a Warm Cup of Coffee

One of my favorite blogs is Like a Warm Cup of Coffee, and Sarah Mae recently posted a 12 New Things challenge, and I love the idea! I'm not finished thinking over what I would like to learn and when, but this is what I have started with:

1. August-Sew a proper quilt...I have started this with my daughters, two doll quilts.  I am mostly making my younger daughter's, and my older daughter is learning some hand sewing and machine sewing while making hers with me.
2. French Braid hair
3. September- Make a more complex dress for daughter. I have made a very simple summer dress only, and now I want to make a fall dress...sleeves and all!
4. Bible Poem Book for children. I have about ten poems taken from scriptures, and would like to write enough to print in a family photo book.
5. October- Fall gardening...leeks for sure, I love potato leek soup! Some lettuce, carrots....
6. Take better pictures
7. December - Having three children- I am expecting!
8. Make healthier desserts
9. Make fluffy, flaky, Claim Jumper style biscuits.  Mmmm, I can just picture fresh peaches and cream over them.  I have a recipe to try here:
10. Make artisan style bread. I have been making homemade, all-by-hand bread for awhile now. My favorite is a buttermilk-oat-honey bread. 
11. Improve my finance management skills...put into practice some of the principles in Your Money or Your Life, by Joe Dominguez

Being that I am the type to have 7 tabs up at one time on the computer, 3 baking projects at the same time in the kitchen, 4 cards to make at one time...I imagine I will be working on more than one of these at a time!
If you want to join in, create your list and link it up over at Sarah Mae's blog!

August 14, 2010

Recommended Reading

I have recently been reading Bible Characters from the Old and New Testament, by Alexander Whyte. It is an old book that I was able to check out through my library's extended network of out-of-the-area universities and libraries. Some sections I have particularly appreciated were about Ruth's devotion and love for her mother-in-law, Naomi: “ just that relationship that should be entered on by all men and women with much watchfulness, solicitousness, prayer, tenderness, sympathy, and loyalty; in short, with the mind and heart of Ruth...and Naomi”.

Other sections that have been enlightening are about Esther and her opportunities, and the reminder of the opportunities we have in our circle that we sometime overlook: “Only open your eyes, and you will see all around you your circle set of God, and all dazzling you with its endless and splendid opportunities. Your most commonplace, and most monotonous, most uninteresting, and most every-day circle so shines, if you only saw it aright.”

Other applications we can take into our modern lives from Bible characters, from Alexander Whyte's book include Daniel, his humility and devoted prayer life; and weighing our days on the balances, as Belshazzar was weighed on the balances by God. I am grateful for such helpful reading material!

August 13, 2010


I decided on the pumpkin cream cheese muffins that I found here:  They are delicious!!

And linking up to 

August 12, 2010

Is it Fall Already?

It isn't fall yet, but it has been a cool summer, and my garden seems to think it is fall...pumpkins are maturing, sunflowers are dying, and the corn has long since met it's last days.  Time to head to the cookbooks to find a recipe for this "Cinderella Pumpkin"...maybe some pumpkin-cream cheese bread? Yum!

Making Memories

Yesterday my children and I enjoyed a tea party.  I always think about doing things like that, and add it to a "someday" list, and it doesn't get done for a long time. So, I decided to just do it the same day I thought of it.  It is a nice way to spend time with your children, and with some tasty food, fancy clothes, and fun music the children are entertained.  Also, I left pretty invitations for them outside the door, and rang the doorbell for them.  They got a kick out that. Then they play tea party with their dolls and animals...and maybe someday, with their own children!

I'm linking up to 733 - A Creative Blog, for their Sugar and Spice Weekly Link Party.

August 11, 2010

Nothing like the smell of fresh bread!

A warm welcome to my new blog

Lately, my life has improved because of one simple change. That change was starting to read blogs! I have benefited so much from the information and resources and thoughts people have shared on their blogs.  I have found delicious recipes, household organization tips (which I really needed!), hairstyle tutorials for longer hair, homeschool ideas, and christian living inspiration.  To all of you stay at home moms (and daughters) who are sharing a piece of your lives, it is not in vain! You are really making a difference, one person at a time.  I enjoy this new blogging world so much, I thought I would give a try at joining in.  I plan to write about projects I am working on, fun or interesting activities I do with my children, thoughts about christian life, food I've made and enjoyed and more. I hope you might take away a little inspiration or an uplifting.
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