August 31, 2010

This and That

Lately, I have been preparing for an upcoming visit with my sister.  I have three sisters, so they probably get frequent mention on my posts.  I also have a brother who recently visited.  Only one of my sisters lives close to me, but we are all close in heart.  Sisters are such a blessing! 
Also recently we made some homemade playdough, so easy to make, and were soon serving up tasty playdough cakes.  Later, the children had a tent made with the dining room chairs, and I saw strips of playdough hanging over the rungs of the chairs.  The children explained that a blizzard was coming, and they had hung smoked meat up in the attic, like Pa and Ma of Laura Ingall's Little House in the Big Woods. I love the creativity of little ones!

On our read-aloud list for homeschool was Dr. Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham. We have read that, of course, many times before, so to add an element of fun, I made green scrambled eggs. We don't eat ham, so I served it with smoked turkey lunchmeat. It was well received, especially by my little one, who loves eggs made every way!  My older daughter is in her first year of homeschool, and we are using Memoria Press Curriculum, which you can view here: Memoria Press. We are 11 weeks into the lesson plans, and I am so pleased with it!  This is my first year to homeschool, and I wanted an easy to follow, challenging, and yet not boring, curriculum.  I am so glad I found their package!  My daughter is now reading many CVC words, counting to 100, learning her addition facts, memorizing scriptures, hearing lovely music, and seeing beautiful artwork. 
If you homeschool, what do you use for homeschool curriculum?


Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

So happy to have found your blog via my friend Gae's weekly meme: Hearts for Home!
Wonderful play dough!
I tried to sign up as a follower but "google" wouldn't's been making trouble for a few days now. I'll try back another time!
Nice to meet you! God bless your family:)

Fleur de Lis Fun said...

I love following your blog and noticed the updated background - it's very eye catching!
I also have wonderful sisters who are a blessing to me as well. Thank you for sharing the fun, creative ideas (both of you and your children)!

Gae said...

I was glad to see a new face this morning. I read your back posts and love the crafty side you show tool It is a gavourite thing of mine. I keep meaning to do a 12 new things post too.
I have followed you and hope you are able to do the same on my blog

calvintage said...

Judy, Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the comments!

Sister in Disguise: You're cute- Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Gae, Thanks for becoming a "follower"-stop by often! I am following you now as well.

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