December 2, 2011

Pink Ballet Cupcake Birthday Cake

This is a cake I made awhile back for one of my daughters...I wanted to keep it simple, so I made it a pull-apart cupcake-cake, and it was definitely easier that way.  The roses, swirls, and zig-zags are white chocolate, melted and poured into molds.  Then some pink frosting, and a mini ballet slipper bought from the discount dance supply store to top it off!  It looked pretty cute, but someone who knew how to decorate and frost cakes better could make it even cuter!

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Spirituella said...

Sooo cute! Great inspiration!

Hannah said...

That's adorable!!! I love it. I actually have one of those tiny ballet shoes. I never thought of decorating a cake with it but that is a fantastic idea!

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