July 8, 2011

This Year's Garden

Pumpkin patch in foreground

Our garden is flourishing this year!  And I am very happy to have a drip system set up this year- last year I had to water with the bubbler, and spend half an hour to an hour every day out there.  The weather was fairly cool this year until mid June, so between that and being busy with three children, we got a later start than usual this year.  We have lots of pumpkins, carrots, lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, one tomatillo plant, cucumbers (my favorite!!) and beans.  We had zucchini, but it fizzled out already. 

All the credit for this garden goes to my husband - I didn't do a bit of it! He is a sweetheart. 
I am posting lots of pictures, at my mother's request!

Fresh tomatoes

Cool, crisp, juicy cucumbers

Rattlesnake beans - so sweet right off the vine!

Pumpkin vines twirling and swirling

We planted way too many radishes!

Lettuce and peppers

Tomatillos - first time growing these

A summertime rainbow!


Stacy said...

Beautiful pictures - I love the rainbow and your flowers!

Corinnea said...

Wow! Gorgeous garden, gorgeous pictures!

Melynda said...

Everything looks great!

Pam said...

Thanks for linking up!!! What are you going to do with all those radishes!?!

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